GPO’s Process for Project Success!

Our goal is to generate business value by delivering projects, which are efficient in both capital investment and long-term operation.

Our processes have been compiled from the wisdom and experience which exists in the company and represent the current view of discipline requirements and good practice, which should be applied consistently across our range of projects.

We apply a gated process to our projects to ensure all options are properly screened and the correct option is selected for definition and execution. This ensures there a methodical process and audit trail to each decision. The prize is selecting the correct option first time without having to go back and recycle options, recycling is a very costly and time consuming process.

In summary our gated process for projects constitutes:

Gate 1 Appraise Confirm the viability of the project and identify a range of project options to be screened, at least one of which is technically and commercially viable.
Gate 2 Select Select the preferred project option one which maximises long term value and appropriately manages risk over the long-term, for progression to the Define gate. Making the right concept selection decisions are key and should not be rushed. Decisions informed by integrated data, then adding sufficient definition, combined with a strong Management of Change process and planning, will ensure readiness for entry to Define.
Gate 3 Define Complete the technical definition through Front End Engineering Design (FEED) and project execution planning, with the development of project cost estimate and schedule, and risk management plans. Also further development to confirm business case and performance targets for entry to Execute Gate.
Gate 4 Execute Implement the Project Execution Plan as an integrated work-scope with close attention to quality, performance and risk management.
Gate 5 Operate Complete the project close out and handover in timely manner. Support the safe execution of the start-up plans. Ensure the completion of performance testing and lessons learned.

Gated Process for Projects Flowchart