Technical Safety Engineering & Risk Practitioners

Safety is our most important goal!

Management of Risk
  • Identify Risks
  • Assess the Risks
  • Prioritise Risks
  • Plan Risk Reduction
  • Monitor and Review
  • HAZARD/RISK Register
Project Risks
  • Compliance with Company Procedures
  • Specifications
  • Calculations
  • Drawings
  • Interfaces
  • Hazard & Risk Evaluation
  • Safe Design
  • Safe Implementation Analysis
  • Major Accident Assessment
  • Life Cycle Assessment
Asset Safety
  • Identification of Health, Safety, Environmental and Business Risks
  • Identification of Operating Risk
  • Formal Studies serviced by Chairman or Facilitator HAZID/HAZOP/CHAZOP/LOPA
  • Functional Safety Specification
  • Reliability based Verification of systems
  • Lifecycle Safety Plan
  • Risk Prioritisation
  • Risk Reduction Requirements
  • Reliability Based Maintenance Procedures

Functional Safety; Alarm Management

Plant operation, and the operators response to alarms must be effective. On new and existing installations it is necessary to ensure that lessons learned have been applied to your alarm system to reduce the risk to personnel, the environment and the plant.
GPO can provide an improvement plan and an alarm philosophy and then work with the client to facilitate the alarm system changes. Previous experience has determined the most cost effective approach to the management of the alarm systems ensuring that risks are fully explored.

A typical project deliverable is expected to be:

  • Alarm Management Plan
  • Alarm philosophy
  • A database file containing all of the alarms categorized and risk assessed
  • Operators Alarm Response Manual
  • Alarm system update
  • Alarm test and repair strategy
  • Project final report detailing findings and recommendations.