In conjunction with our partner North Atlantic Underwater Technologies (NAUT), we are pleased to offer a Gavia Autonomous Underwater Vehicle (AUV) for rental with experienced operators at short notice, please contact us for more details.


The Gavia is an Autonomous Underwater Vehicle (AUV, or unmanned robot submarine) that is made up of “plug-and-play” AUV modules which can be brought together and configured in the field. When assembled with a set of survey-grade sonar modules, a Gavia AUV becomes a self-contained survey solution with a low logistics footprint that is capable of carrying out a wide range of missions for commercial, defence, and scientific applications.

Gavia AUVs provide cost effective solutions compared to dedicated survey vessels, ROVs or large tow bodies.   Gavia AUV technology is now accepted for underwater survey and inspection as an alternative survey data acquisition tool for many projects due to high operations costs using conventional methods, especially in large area and deep water operations. Gavia can allow dual operations to be considered in some operational scenario’s which may be attractive to clients performing survey operations.

The Gavia modularity means that sonar sensors, navigation modules and new battery modules can be added to the operational Gavia during a mission or as mission requirements change.

AUV applications include :

  • Route, Site and Pre-Lay Surveys
  • Debris Clearance Surveys
  • Inshore and Offshore Pipeline Inspections
  • Bathymetric Surveys
  • Scour Surveys
  • Debris Surveys
  • Wind Farm Surveys
  • Platform Inspections
  • Under Ice Applications
  • Scientific Research
Gavia AUV advantages compared with traditional survey technologies include:

  • Can be launched from small craft or platform or onshore dependent on survey distance.
  • Survey vessel can be multitasking with AUV
  • Minimal crew to operate
  • Potential of significant savings in vessel, fuel and crew requirements
  • Rapid and simplistic launch and recovery reducing survey duration
  • Interchangeable plug and play modules, unrivalled flexibility to execute varying types of missions
  • Low logistics footprint

Examples of base Gavia and some additional modules and sensors include: